We started our shop “Heart and Soul Bath and Body Essentials" in 2016, because we have a passion for natural healing products that are handmade and we felt a need to make natural organic handmade bath and body essentials to improve health, provide prevention, healing, and helping others. Therefore; we decided to share our passion and sought to make handmade products with healing ingredients that would help make people feel healthier, have youthful and nourishing skin, and relax after a stressful day with natural products. Our products are handmade with all natural ingredients that everyone can use; men, women, boys, girls including babies. We use antiaging antioxidants and hydrating oils that help protect the skin from premature skin aging as well as helps restore skin smoothness. The ingredients in our products are great for sensitive and allergy prone skin. With these natural ingredients, our product will provide nourishment and healthier skin.